Janey Clewer

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In response to the album “Beautifully Broken”

“Working with Janey over several years convinced me of her considerable talents.  This record is a confirmation of my conviction.”

George Benson

“Janey Clewer’s new record “Beautifully Broken” is just what I expected….absolutely brilliant!  Janey is the most talented and sophisticated writer and performer to come along in decades. Go Janey!”

Randy Waldman (Grammy nominated arranger/pianist/producer)

“Holy Guacamole!!! Janey - simply amazing. There is so much in this music - pain, release, faith, hope, transformation, a lot! This is not a one listen or put on in the background while I’m doing something else record. It demands your attention and total immersion. Congratulations on an amazing work.”

George Nunes, former A&R rep for Capitol Records & GM Universal

“I normally and rarely comment on someone’s work in the context of a “review” but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your album. I listened to the whole thing and a couple of them multiple times.

It’s very personal, poignant, and emotional. The production and performances by all involved (especially you) is first rate and I wish you the success and/or acceptance you’re hoping for.

By the way, I loved, Breathe and Let Go. I listened multiple times to it. A very interesting and original song. Alive.”

 —Randy Goodrum, (renowned songwriter)

“I purchased your album and listened to it start to finish! Absolutely masterful!!! I can't get enough of your voice and your lyrics...the epitome of a paradox... so vulnerable and yet fortified with iron strength. "Never Enough" struck me to the core...my god, I was blown away. Your voice is a tsunami of power with a cashmere pianissimo.”

Erik Landry, M.S. CCC-SLP

“I am blown away by your album - it’s truly a masterpiece! And the fact that you have recorded, produced, written and engineered everything yourself makes me even more in awe of your amazing talent, drive, determination and effort. You are everything an artist should be and strive for, and beyond. Congratulations! 

Anne Marie Bush (singer/songwriter)

“Your CD is SPECTACULAR!  I like your vocals here better than ever and that’s saying something. Amazing! The songs are really great…deep. I love every one.  Arrangements are just beyond.  A masterpiece! You have left no stone unturned in terms of mix and sound quality…You are such an amazing and special talent. Thank you for the countless hours of blood sweat and tears and for sharing your creative spirit with the world.  You are making a difference!“

Kathy Chiavola (singer/songwriter)

In response to the single “He’s the Moon in Spain”

“A beautifully written and performed masterpiece! The arrangement is brilliant! Bravo Janey Bravo!”

Walter Afanasieff (producer of Barbra Streisand and Mariah Carey) 

“ What a wonderful website and great recording, He’s the Moon in Spain. What a great Jimmy Webb-ish premise. I love it. Put me in the “I’m Impressed” column.”

Randy Goodrum (renowned songwriter)

“And it’s GORGEOUS!  Just downloaded your song from iTunes. Congratulations!  So nice to hear you sing again!  And you were singing your ass off coming out of the bridge and in that last chorus! Geez.”

Neal Coomer (singer/artist)

“Today, her single “He’s The Moon in Spain” was released and it is a masterpiece! Janey takes you on a journey with her voice and she reintroduced me to regions of my heard that I hadn’t realized I had neglected. Her lyrics and fiery vocals soar and weave a sonic tapestry throughout this gorgeous arrangement. In a time when so many have unknowingly permitted their hearts to be callous, it is songs like Janey Clewer’s that are impetus to healing through honesty and passion.

Erik Landry, M.S. CCC-SLP

In response to Moon Island

““What a wonderful new version of this song (After the Love is Gone) One of the most exciting things about being a songwriter is finding out about someone covering one of your songs. Jay, Bill and I were so proud 30 years ago when we came up with this song and now we get to relive that “newness” all over again with this adventurous rendition. Janey and Bruce have always been great writers themselves and have consistently brought amazing musicality to everything they set out to do. Give this a listen and I’m sure you will agree with me. Bravo to Janey and Bruce for once again showing the world that you always have something fresh and unique to say with your musical endeavors every time out — My best and thank you”

David Foster

“Janey Clewer is a first class vocalist that sings from many points of view. Musically, I can’t think of anything she doesn’t do well. She continuely gives 100% every time out and her work on “Moon Island” is proof of every word I say. Right on, my girl!”

George Benson


In response to her album Fallen For Brazil:

“Her voice floats effortlessly over silky melodies and smoky chordal harmonies. She has it all. It’s ice cream and coffee, wine and whiskey. It’s rare; it’s real talent... Janey is the blueprint for the new generation of real singers, just as Ella Fitzgerald was for her generation...Janey goes deep. You don’t need any hype. When you start calling a person by their first or last name like: Bird, Coltrane, Ella, you know they are something special. That’s Janey. ”

— Michael Sembello


“Your song “The Summer Wind” is gorgeous and incredible. I love the unexpected chords and the haunting feeling you were able to capture. Musically it is more intelligent and creative than 99% of anything on the radio. As usual, you’re the best!”

Randy Waldman- Renowned pianist and string arranger

“Ela canta com um coração Brasileiro. (She sings with a Brazilian heart)”

Daniel Jobim

“Your CD is beautiful. The whole thing. Totally suits you to a tee. Your voice sounds amazing....”I Should Let Go” had me wanting a cigarette afterwards”

Richard Marx

“Janey’s CD is a masterpiece! And Ooh Ooh is a smash!!!! This Masquerade sounds phenomenal on there!!!!! Wow!”

Richard Rudolph- Chief Creative Executive/Music Sales West


In response to Perfume:


“... I was stunned at her professional level alone; very skilled, very polished, accurate, as well as really conveying the emotion and getting that across....we’re talking top notch here.”

Vinnie Colaiuta- world-renowned session drummer

“... I had forgotten what a heavenly singer she is!!!! She’s not just a pretty face, you know!!!!! Looking the way she does and sounding the way she does, why isn’t she a mega-star?”

— Jeremy Lubbock- world-renowned string arranger & pianist


General comments:

J....like pure JOY when you hear her voice

A....ABSOLUTE  beauty in every song she writes

N...NEVER lectures you but aims at wisdom with every one of her lyrics

E...ETERNITY to her art

Y...because...she is the owner of that HEART

-Lara Fabian

Bruce, Lara Fabian, Janey, and daughter Sam after a sold out performance of "Le Secret" at Carnegie Hall in NYC 2013

Richard Marx, Janey, Bruce, and Daisy Fuentes in CA

“Janey’s a rare example of someone who’s got it all: great voice, exceptional beauty, and really stellar musicianship and songwriting chops. I always feel blessed to work with her." 

- Richard Marx

"Janey Clewer might be a new name to you, but for those who have heard her sing and have been involved with her in the studio or live performances, know she is a one of a kind, romantic and dynamic story teller. She is one of my favorite vocalists. Her intonation is amazing...."

- George Benson

Bruce, John Patitucci, and Janey in NYC working on Fallen For Brazil


"Janey Clewer is not only a wonderful singer, but a true musician and a gifted songwriter. These are all increasingly rare qualities in the music business today." 

-John Patitucci

"Janey is a talented and professional singer and writer, and I was happy to have one of her songs that she co-wrote with Richard Marx on my latest album. OXOXOX"

-Olivia Newton John