Janey Clewer

Singer | Songwriter | Composer | Lyricist


A neo-Brazilian sensual ride of aural intoxication

Her voice floats effortlessly over silky melodies and smoky chordal harmonies. She has it all. It’s ice cream and coffee, wine and whiskey. It’s rare; it’s real talent... Janey is the blueprint for the new generation of real singers, just as Ella Fitzgerald was for her generation...Janey goes deep. You don’t need any hype. When you start calling a person by their first or last name like: Bird, Coltrane, Ella, you know they are something special. That’s Janey.
— Michael Sembello
Your song “The Summer Wind” is gorgeous and incredible. I love the unexpected chords and the haunting feeling you were able to capture. Musically it is more intelligent and creative than 99% of anything on the radio. As usual, you’re the best!
— Randy Waldman- Renowned pianist and string arranger
Ela canta com um coração Brasileiro. (She sings with a Brazilian heart)
— Daniel Jobim
Your CD is beautiful. The whole thing. Totally suits you to a tee. Your voice sounds amazing....”I Should Let Go” had me wanting a cigarette afterwards
— Richard Marx
Janey’s CD is a masterpiece! And Ooh Ooh is a smash!!!! This Masquerade sounds phenomenal on there!!!!! Wow!
— Richard Rudolph- Chief Creative Executive/Music Sales West