Janey Clewer

Singer | Songwriter | Composer | Lyricist


An emotionally rich album filled with sophisticated, edgy, powerful, cinematic songs, Beautifully Broken is OUT NOW.

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Holy Guacamole!!! Janey - simply amazing. There is so much in this music - pain, release, faith, hope, transformation, a lot! This is not a one listen or put on in the background while I’m doing something else record. It demands your attention and total immersion. Congratulations on an amazing work.
— George Nunes- former A&R rep for Capitol Records & GM Universal
Genius at work! OMG!!
— Alessandro Del Vecchio (Italian rock producer, singer and keyboardist)
I purchased your album and listened to it start to finish! Absolutely masterful!!! I can’t get enough of your voice and your lyrics...the epitome of a paradox... so vulnerable and yet fortified with iron strength. “Never Enough” struck me to the core...my god, I was blown away. Your voice is a tsunami of power with a cashmere pianissimo.
— Erik Landry
I am blown away by your album - it’s truly a masterpiece! And the fact that you have recorded, produced, written and engineered everything yourself makes me even more in awe of your amazing talent, drive, determination and effort. You are everything an artist should be and strive for, and beyond. Congratulations!
— Anne Marie Bush


He's The Moon in spain (single)

He's The Moon In Spain cover art.jpg
Today, her single “He’s The Moon in Spain” was released and it is a masterpiece! Janey takes you on a journey with her voice and she reintroduced me to regions of my heard that I hadn’t realized I had neglected. Her lyrics and fiery vocals soar and weave a sonic tapestry throughout this gorgeous arrangement. In a time when so many have unknowingly permitted their hearts to be callous, it is songs like Janey Clewer’s that are impetus to healing through honesty and passion.
— Erik Landry, M.S. CCC-SLP, 8/28/18
I cannot wait to hear the full album!!! Looking forward to it with great anticipation and excitement. The single is beautiful - I have had it on repeat-play for most of the day.
— Cornel Grobbelaar

"He’s The Moon In Spain” is a haunting, romantic ode to a love lost. 


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What a wonderful website and great recording, He’s the Moon in Spain. What a great Jimmy Webb-ish premise. I love it. Put me in the “I’m Impressed” column.
— Randy Goodrum (renowned songwriter)
And it’s GORGEOUS! Just downloaded your song from iTunes. Congratulations! So nice to hear you sing again! And you were singing your ass off coming out of the bridge and in that last chorus! Geez.
— Neal Coomer (singer/artist)