Janey Clewer

Singer | Songwriter | Composer | Lyricist

He's The Moon in spain (single)

He's The Moon In Spain cover art.jpg
A beautifully written and performed masterpiece! The arrangement is brilliant! Bravo Janey Bravo!
— Walter Afanasieff (producer of Barbra Streisand and Mariah Carey) 
And it’s GORGEOUS! Just downloaded your song from iTunes. Congratulations! So nice to hear you sing again! And you were singing your ass off coming out of the bridge and in that last chorus! Geez.
— Neal Coomer (singer/artist)

"He’s The Moon In Spain” is a haunting, romantic ode to a love lost. 


What a wonderful website and great recording, He’s the Moon in Spain. What a great Jimmy Webb-ish premise. I love it. Put me in the “I’m Impressed” column.
— Randy Goodrum (renowned songwriter)
Today, her single “He’s The Moon in Spain” was released and it is a masterpiece! Janey takes you on a journey with her voice and she reintroduced me to regions of my heard that I hadn’t realized I had neglected. Her lyrics and fiery vocals soar and weave a sonic tapestry throughout this gorgeous arrangement. In a time when so many have unknowingly permitted their hearts to be callous, it is songs like Janey Clewer’s that are impetus to healing through honesty and passion.
— Erik Landry (M.S. CCC-SLP)