Janey Clewer

Singer | Songwriter | Composer | Lyricist


For your holiday pleasure, Janey and Randy invite you to indulge in "Your Favorite Christmas CD". It includes all of your favorite Christmas songs you've never heard before, to be enjoyed for all your Christmases to come.

A verse from one of Janey Clewer’s songs captures the raison d’être of my radio program:

Christmas songs are like a footprint in the snow. They leave impressions on our hearts that won’t let go. How we love the sound of those haunting melodies. So once a year we all sing the songs that stir our memories”

Her CD with Randy Waldman is entitled “Your Favorite Christmas CD”, but it is entirely composed of new songs. Janey is responsible for all of the lyrics, and either she or Randy wrote the music. And what those songs are is a wonderful ornament box full of slightly jazzy, generally laid back ballads with words that capture much of what we feel at this time of year—particularly if we are lucky enough to be deeply in love. This CD is just one big under the mistletoe encounter! www.wrst.org
— Gerry Grzyb, A.K.A. Dr. Christmas, December 2008 for the Dr. Christmas radio shows on 90.3 WRST-FM
Wow! Janey Clewer and Randy Waldman are the real deal. Ms. Clewer penned a note apologizing for the late arrival due to only recently hearing about Christmasreviews.com. But it is I who should apologize, for only just now hearing about Clewer and Waldman. Their piano-accompanied pop would be the envy of Karen Carpenter if she were alive today. She not only has the pipes and he the keys, but they bring their own songbook to the party. As promised on the cover, these really are all your favorite Christmas songs you’ve NEVER heard before.

I could gush all night, but I couldn’t say it any better than that. If you like girl-next-door vocalists singing their hearts out with evocative piano accompaniment, then you’ve found the one.
— Richard Banks- Christmasreviews.com 2008