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The album is an artistic masterpiece. I haven’t heard such a musically sophisticated concept album since “Dark Side of the Moon”. It is a surprising, courageous, and welcomed departure from the best pop vocalist on the planet.
— Rob Landeros

A huge world tour began in September of 2013 and ran through June of 2014 with a special performance at Carnegie Hall on December 27th 2013.

Janey is thrilled to announce she has 14 songs on Lara Fabian's new  CD called "Le Secret." (The Secret) Janey and her husband Bruce Gaitsch were very involved in the making of this CD and are proud to have been such a big part Lara's immense vision.

Le Secret was released April 15th, 2013 in France, Belgium and Switzerland, It was also released in Canada and Russia in 2014.

Le Secret debuted at #1 in France and Belgium. 

A collector's edition of "Le Secret" including the two CDs and a DVD is now available:

Distributed by Warner Brothers and Universal, it is also available for digital download now.

The video for the second single "Danse" was released October 7th 2013, a song co-penned by Lara and Janey



A translated review of "Le Secret" in the magazine 'Limpact'#20 (2013) Lara Fabian " The Secret " (Warner):

A stylish white and blue box, sober, comprising two CDs for seventeen songs that form a magnificent whole. First, the haunting voice of Lara, which is a miracle of beauty, restraint and emotion. At times it becomes equal to Barbra Streisand. And the songs that speak of love, peace, difference, tolerance, hope, but today dramas, stories of life ... It’s almost a hard concept car listening to these songs, which are both a wild originality and sometimes seem conventional sheets, wrapped in a beautiful orchestration, it follows a history of short stories. This is not the variety is a modern opera, a mystical work, both sublime and almost subliminal . It is a record to listen to in the deepest silence, as it is beautiful and says so much. Each song is a film sequence that is a road movie inside. Lara did not choose the easy but offers us a strong work, led, perhaps the most beautiful she has recorded.
— Jacques Brachet

Excerpt from a interview for ChartsInFrance

The album is a masterpiece, IMHO. Beautiful yet at the same time surprising songs, quite varied in tempo and strength; amazing singing, both soft and forecful, ocasionally reaching to great heights. Intense lyrics, of the type that you don’t find on most songs...All that one could have hoped for from Lara, in fact probably more than one could have expected. In retrospect, she was born to make this album. Will be very hard to top it! Very high musical intelligence throughout, from the multi-layered instrumentation to the choirs, even to the cacaphonous sounds interspersed throughout. Everything seems to have been done with professionalism and imagination. Lara has said that this album comes from her entire musical history - all the diverse styles she has liked in her life have contributed, hence the great variety. Since 3/4 of the compositions come from pre-existing songs of Janey Clewer, she, too, must have an affinity for the different musical styles. One would have thought that the divine piano playing would have been by Giora Linenberg, who we know performs so exquisitely, who Lara praises so enthusiastically, and who wrote several of the songs. But no, it is Janey Clewer primarily, with Manu Pitois secondarily, and Flavian Compagnon on two songs. Even the songs that Giora wrote, he did not play the piano on. I wonder how that was decided...
— David from ChartsInFrance

Excerpt from Subpages review: Fabian Releases "Le Secret" - Review of An Unexpected Musical Trip:

For the full review, click HERE

Lara Fabian’s new album Le Secret is a musical tour de force in ways that one could not have possibly anticipated from this artist just by listening to her previous works. In a period where she strongly needed to find a way to reconquer the francophone market, after the cold reception of her previous album of covers Toutes Les Femmes En Moi, in 2009, Le Secret appears as an absolute miracle to all of those who spent the last eight years patiently waiting to listen to a new album of French originals from Fabian. This is an album that will permanently redefine this artist before her audience. With notable contributions from Janey Clewer...
— Ptitblog.net

Excerpt from Observer culture, society

For the full review click HERE

...I do not know where to start as the whole album is a gem. Each song breathes love, peace.
...Other title absolutely sublime: “La Vie est La. It draws tears to your eyes... “Je reve d’une etoile”, beyond the emotion conveyed, has an almost heavenly almost divine dimension.
...Other beautiful songs, “Je t’appelle”, “Danse” and “Un ange est tombe” - so powerful - “Amourexique”, “Mirage” and “Que j’etais belle” - so touching. For the rest, “Kalpataru” is amazing, “C’est la lune” mesmerizing. And finally “Mon desir”, “L’enfant de Gwenved” and “I Am A-WA” (Lara’s favorite) complete the dignity and beauty in this album.
— Julien Chadeyron

Excerpt from Culture-Loisirs:  Lara Fabian revient avec un album epique, recit d'une renaissance  PUBLIE LE 13/04/2013 Par La Voix Du Nord:

La sincerite avant tout. Pour signer presque toutes les musiques, elle a appele Janey Clewer, avec qui elle avait deja travaille sur des titres comme Je t’appartiens ou Bambina. “ Jusque-la, dans ma musique populaire, je n’avais jamais ete au bout de ce que je voulais faire “. Aujourd’hui, elle cite volontiers des references comme Genesis, Queen ou Kate Bush, voire Muse, pour le cote rock lyrique, melange d’orchestrations tres classiques et de musique plus moderne. “ L’album est comme une bande originale de film epique, on passe de paysages tres symphoniques a des moments plus envoutants, et meme des choses simples “, voire depouillees. Quand on lui dit que tout ca est quand meme tres ambitieux, elle prefere le mot “ grand “ et precise : “ Je sais que je livre un truc tres different. On pourra me dire “j’aime ou j’aime pas”, mais on ne pourra pas douter que c’est completement moi, en toute sincerite.
— Natalie Grosskopf

Excepts from a review from ChartsInFrance: 

Back in France after many years of absence and a Russian exile, Lara Fabian reveals this week her “Secret”. This is the title of her new album, rich of 17 titles, 17 stories that remind us of the events in which we all could one day be confronted on melodies largely written by Janey Clewer, with whom the singer forms a true tandem. Returning to the front of the stage, Lara Fabian confides her doubts and some of her weaknesses, revealing between the lines between her strengths. Meet her.

... On this album, you wrote the lyrics, as almost always. The music is the work of Janey Clewer. “The Secret” is also the story of a tandem? LF: Yes, it is true that “The Secret” is, as you say, the story of our tandem. There is also Flavien Companion and Giora Linenberg who worked on three songs. It is true that this is the story of Janey and I, a friendship that has lasted 23 years. She wrote a title on my first album, “Pure”, “Je t’appartiens”and then another on the album “Nue”, “Bambina”. It’s been very long time since we worked together and we really had the desire to create something together.
— ChartsInFrance reviewer

Epique; Inclassible! Lara Does it Again! October 17, 2013

"For the third time in her career, Lara Fabian has the highest selling CD in France. A musical tour de force, Le Secret is presented as a series of short stories. Together the stories represent a (part autobiographical) journey that moves from tragedy to acceptance and resilience; that reveals the artist unvarnished, modest, laid bare. The lyrics and the music explore and expose the malaise of incest, eating disorders, and human fallibility in an array of forms... and a gritty quality that Lara intentionally adds to her voice on occasion also helps to build this organic sound. The album represents a return to what she does best. Le Secret is original; it draws influence from other cultures and styles of music in an attempt to reach a new audience, something she has done repeatedly and with more success than arguably anyone else in the world. But it is also written for us. She understands that her vulnerability is what creates that unique bond with her fans. Lara Fabian pours so much emotion in to much of what she does that often you don't need to understand the words to enjoy her music. This album is different. If you don't speak French it is important to download the translations. You can't fully appreciate this music without understanding the words. Lara is a true artist and a poet. Absolutely sublime."
-Stephen, Amazon Reviewer